Draw together online. Drawaria.online Draw together online. Drawaria.online

Draw together online whiteboard + draw and guess random words

Paintings by LermontovPaintings by Lermontov

10 paintings by Lermontov - great russian poet and writer.

Russian Art Treasures: Valentin SerovRussian Art Treasures: Valentin Serov

By Boris Asafyev from the book Russian Painting. Thoughts and Reflections.

Vladimir Favorsky: Covers, IllustrationsVladimir Favorsky: Covers, Illustrations

The world of artistic images created by Vladimir Favorsky (1886-1964) has unusual breadth, depth and variety, and he is is regarded as one of the Russia's most outstanding artists.

Wise thoughtsWise thoughts

Goethe, Seneca, Shakespeare, Carlyle, Socrates, Montesquieu, Hubbard's thoughts about life, love, sin.

Short funny stories about woman and manShort funny stories about woman and man

Life is funny. It is never the coldest girl who gets the mink coat.

Jokes about Wife and HusbandJokes about Wife and Husband

Funny anecdotes and caricatures about wifes and husbands.

4000 year old movies4000 year old movies

Those pictures on rocks was the work of an artist who lived in North Karelia 4000 years ago. And he discovered the future motion pictures.

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