Jokes about Wife and Husband

The husband, reading the paper at breakfast as usual, takes his first sip of coffee and says angrily:

"Oh, hell, you know I don't take sugar in my coffee!"

"Yes, darling, I do. But I simply had to hear your voice."
Father is washing up in the kitchen. In comes his son, who asks:

"Dad, what's a bigamist?"

"A man who washes twice as many dishes as I do."
"You're terrible," complained the wife of a football fan. "You know the dates of all the games that are going to be played this season, you know the names of all the football players. But I can bet you don't remember the day we were married."

"Oh, yes I do. It was the day Chelsea beat Manchester United 4:0."
"My wife keeps nagging me for money. Last week she wanted 200 dollars, yesterday 130 and this morning 150."

"What does she do with it?"

"How should I know? I never give her any."
"You know, megalomania and an inferiority complex can actually go together."

"How's that?"

"Take a man who's sure he's got the greatest inferiority complex in the world."

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