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Cuisine of Old Russia: Fried MeatCuisine of Old Russia: Fried Meat

Try to fry meat with potatoes using this easy-to-cook russian recipe.

Cuisine of Old Russia: Meat in BeerCuisine of Old Russia: Meat in Beer

Meet in Beer - it's old russian dish. Try to cook it with this easy-to-cook recipe.

Cuisine of Old Russia: Russian PokhlyobkaCuisine of Old Russia: Russian Pokhlyobka

To cook 4 portions of old russian thick soup you will need beef with bone, potatoes, onions and... white wine.

Cuisine of Old Russia: Vladimir Salad RecipeCuisine of Old Russia: Vladimir Salad Recipe

Try this old russian salad with beets, so-called Vladimir Salad.

Russian Cuisine: PancakesRussian Cuisine: Pancakes

Traditional recipe of russian thin pancakes. You will need flour, eggs, milk, a little sugar and a lot of time.

Russian Cuisine: Chicken SurpriseRussian Cuisine: Chicken Surprise

Recipe of old soviet dish - all you need is chicken, white bread, eggs, butter and pinch of salt.

Pryaniki - Spiced Biscuits with Honey Pryaniki - Spiced Biscuits with Honey

Recipe of traditional russian biscuits with honey, so-called Pryaniki.

Russian Cuisine: Kundyubki or Bear's EarsRussian Cuisine: Kundyubki or Bear's Ears

The old recipe from Russia - try to cook russian dish with funny name Kundyubki or Bear's Ears.

Russian Cuisine: Pancakes with Liver RecipeRussian Cuisine: Pancakes with Liver Recipe

Try to cook delicious russian dish - Pancakes with liver. This easy recipe will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Tale of Tile Tiles - The tiles of Russian churchesTale of Tile Tiles - The tiles of Russian churches

The article about ussian artist Mikhail Vrubel.

Try Eating Azerbaijanian Way - Fried Meat, Kyufta-Bozbash Soup, Pilau Turshi RecipesTry Eating Azerbaijanian Way - Fried Meat, Kyufta-Bozbash Soup, Pilau Turshi Recipes

Here you can find few traditional azerbaijanian food recipes like Kyufta-Bozbash Soup, Pilau Turshi and Chicken Pilau.

Vladimir Favorsky: Covers, IllustrationsVladimir Favorsky: Covers, Illustrations

The world of artistic images created by Vladimir Favorsky (1886-1964) has unusual breadth, depth and variety, and he is is regarded as one of the Russia's most outstanding artists.

Notes on Poetry by Vadim ShefnerNotes on Poetry by Vadim Shefner

Vadim Shefner, russian poet and writer, about poetry. Twelwe notes from Literaturnaya Gazeta (USSR), 1968.

Dionysius, The Icon PainterDionysius, The Icon Painter

His customers were distinguished churchmen and even the Grand Prince. He painted churches and monastery chapels all over the huge expanses of Russia.

Maria Biesu, InterviewMaria Biesu, Interview

The interview to Sovietskaya Moldavia of opera singer Maria Biesu, March 1968.

Wise thoughtsWise thoughts

Goethe, Seneca, Shakespeare, Carlyle, Socrates, Montesquieu, Hubbard's thoughts about life, love, sin.

Short funny stories about woman and manShort funny stories about woman and man

Life is funny. It is never the coldest girl who gets the mink coat.

Jokes about Wife and HusbandJokes about Wife and Husband

Funny anecdotes and caricatures about wifes and husbands.

Quotes, sayings and aphorisms about womenQuotes, sayings and aphorisms about women

Those women... Despite those who think that social and economic equality has put an end to femininity, woman will always remain a woman.

The Third Son by Andrei PlatonovThe Third Son by Andrei Platonov

The short story by Andrei Platonov and his widow memories about writer's life.

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