Here you can find models for Minecraft, Minecraft creations and schematics of houses, medieval castles, temples and towers, giant trees, arenas, flying islands, 3D avatars of Bendy, FNAF or Undertale heroes, Minecraft worlds, maps and download schematics for Minecraft.

Choose models you like or even create model for Minecraft online on your own with our online voxel editor, voxel builder which allow you to build models with Symmetry/Mirror mode, place massive of blocks (up to 100 cubes) by one click, build from any point (there is no limitation on range), edit others public projects and add your creativity into it. Even Minecraft will not allow you to create voxel models as quickly and productively as «Build with Cubes» does.

Need standalone application? Download it for Windows!

Check out our new game Cube Game Maker where you can create 3D worlds with new objects and rules, make simple games and share it with your friends.

Minecraft Schematics Gallery

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