Vladimir Favorsky: Covers, IllustrationsVladimir Favorsky: Covers, Illustrations

The world of artistic images created by Vladimir Favorsky (1886-1964) has unusual breadth, depth and variety, and he is is regarded as one of the Russia's most outstanding artists.

Notes on Poetry by Vadim ShefnerNotes on Poetry by Vadim Shefner

Vadim Shefner, russian poet and writer, about poetry. Twelwe notes from Literaturnaya Gazeta (USSR), 1968.

Dionysius, The Icon PainterDionysius, The Icon Painter

His customers were distinguished churchmen and even the Grand Prince. He painted churches and monastery chapels all over the huge expanses of Russia.

4000 year old movies4000 year old movies

Those pictures on rocks was the work of an artist who lived in North Karelia 4000 years ago. And he discovered the future motion pictures.

They've got rhythmThey've got rhythm

When an athlete is round 30, he finds the going tough against younger contenders. Some switch to coaching; others have a crack at TV and radio commentaries. The athlete who has a solid, interesting career outside athletics is fortunate. This article tells you about some sportsmen who did not have all their eggs in one basket.

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