Paintings by LermontovPaintings by Lermontov

10 paintings by Lermontov - great russian poet and writer.

A Tablecloth, Ram and a ClubA Tablecloth, Ram and a Club

A Latvian folk tale with drawings by Alexei Tertyshnikoff.

Yuri Yakovlev: The Boy Who YawnedYuri Yakovlev: The Boy Who Yawned

Sentimental story by Yuri Yakovlev (Hovkin) about dogs and people.

How One Girl Saved Her PeopleHow One Girl Saved Her People

The folk tales of the peoples of Russia: An Evenk folktale about a girl who saved her people from Kotura.

Notes on Poetry by Vadim ShefnerNotes on Poetry by Vadim Shefner

Vadim Shefner, russian poet and writer, about poetry. Twelwe notes from Literaturnaya Gazeta (USSR), 1968.

The Third Son by Andrei PlatonovThe Third Son by Andrei Platonov

The short story by Andrei Platonov and his widow memories about writer's life.

Pirated PoetryPirated Poetry

This is a dramatic episode in world literature, a story of the stolen and regained fame of Mirza-Shaffy Vazekh, an outstanding Azerbaijan poet and scholar.

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