Brightness effect and move sprite in scratch tutorialBrightness effect and move sprite in scratch tutorial

Easy tutorial how to change brightness effect or move sprite in scratch

Cube AlchemyCube Alchemy

Build your own 3D world. Make simple games and share it.

Bambom FNF: 3d Model Entity Java for MinecraftBambom FNF: 3d Model Entity Java for Minecraft

And... we have Minecraft entity java 3D model of Bambom from FNF Golden Apple for you!

Build with Cubes HistoryBuild with Cubes History

One of the firsts models created in Build with Cubes app.

Perlin Noise 3D World GenerationPerlin Noise 3D World Generation

Cool 3D Terrian generation based on Perlin Noise algorithm

Build with CubesBuild with Cubes

Build with Cubes it is a free game about building and constructing. Here you can build constructions with blocks, cubes and even using moving game entities.

Protect Santa - 3D shooter VIP modeProtect Santa - 3D shooter VIP mode

If you played the VIP mode in any shooter then you'll liked this game. Santa is VIP and you should protect him from evil snowmans.

Dress Up for Last Day of SummerDress Up for Last Day of Summer

Check out the lovely dresses, all cute miniskirts and tops, jeans and shoes, mix and match them and select your favorite combination to dress up girl.

Smash Inc.Smash Inc.

Breaking stuff is a good way to relieve stress. So... Let's drive super strong unstoppable cars and crash everything on your way. This game is a real antistress machine.

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