Way of Tanks

Way of Tanks it is a quite popular application for Android and iOS, developed specifically for tablets and smartphones, today ported to HTML5 platform and became available to users of desktops. To put it simply, you can play Way of Tanks on your computer from any browser.

The proposed browser version is more difficult to play in terms of management, but much more interesting because there is no advertising and in-game purchases for real money. The lack of advertising in the game is more than compensated by the difficulty of getting used to the control of the tank - designed for tablets and phones game, with all these slides on the screen, taps, etc., it is very difficult to master a person accustomed to wield the mouse, touchpad and keyboard. In general, you can get used to it, but really the game will require you to master the skills of possession of the above manipulators.

At the first minute of the game your tank is guaranteed to crash somewhere, fall into the ditches and fly on Anti-tank obstacles. But do not hurry to part with a game - on the fourth attempt you will learn to skillfully drive a tank, have a taste of gameplay.

Turning to the description of the gameplay, note that the meaning of the game is to drive on the tank as far as possible, collecting gold and avoiding obstacles. You can not even shoot at all, although this possibility in the game is present. The route for the tank on each attempt to pass game is generated in a random way and you won't meet absolutely identical maps. You can upgrade your tank for earned game coins and buy other tanks, more mobile, high-speed and beautiful.

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