Up Hill Racing

Racing game for the tablets and for the computer. To control from the tablet there are buttons at the bottom of the screen and play very conveniently. On an ordinary computer, you can control the keyboard with just two buttons.

Thanks to the fact that developers chose HTML5 technology to create the game, this race will go on almost all mobile devices, with operating systems like Windows, IOS, and ANDROID.

Despite the simplicity in management, it's hard to pass the game, and the reward for a good ride is incredibly generous. The main task is to drive as far as possible, and by the end of the journey the dignity of coins becomes more and more. Then with the money you can not only upgrade your car, but even buy a new one, open additional routes. The cost of new acquisitions is quite high, but if you really want to change the background or drive on a more serious machine, then you can go several times to build the necessary condition. It should be noted that on the steep slides to keep the machine a bit complicated - here it does not just pass the "gas" pedal, sometimes it will be necessary to brake. Naturally, for a more confident passage, upgrades of the machine will be required, for example, in order not to be dependent on a constant shortage of fuel, you need to pay attention to improving your fuel tank, and then come to the gas station with fuel to some extent not very cool.

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