TDSGBV 3D - is a 3D multiplayer survival game, where your goal is to collect resources, build a base and survive for as many in-game days as you can. At night you will be attacked by different types of enemies. Each night their amount and variety increases. You can only respawn, if you craft and place a bed, but be careful, because enemies will try to destroy it too. To help you protect it there are turrets and other traps which you can make and place.

[WASD] - move [SPACE BAR] - jump [E] - inventory

[Q](short) - drop 1 item [Q](long) - drop all items

[1-8/mouse wheel] - select item in hotbar [F] - click

[mouse wheel] - scrolling in crafting menu and credits

[T] - see your amount of days [N] - toggle usernames

[L] - show list of players [B] - open pouch (if equipped)

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