Rescue helicopter

Rescue helicopter Mission where you need save people life. Find and Land helicopter on island were someone need for your help, and take lost to the rescue base. This is clone of old game "Sim Copter" We made this project on Macromedia Director in 2010. Memories...

Use arrow keys to control the helicopter. Press Q to start the engine and takeoff, use A to go down and land the helicopter.

The goal of each mission to rescue all the lost people on the Islands and rocks. The arrow above the helicopter specifies the direction of the location you need to got.

Land the copter on the island and wait until the your passanger will sit to the helicopter.

Take each of ppl to the Rescue Base this way. The arrow above the copter will show you the location of the base.

Land the helicopter on the helipad in front of the Rescue Base.

The icons on the top of the screen will show you some useful information such as the percentage of helicopter's damage, how many people you should rescue and how much you already rescued, time left to the end of the mission.

Be careful and do not hit the buildings, trees and ground. The helicopter can be crashed.

Download Rescue Helicopter Game for Windows and Mac OS from here.

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