Cool Pixilate Effect

If you looking for easy and fast tool to make pixelization effect on images, photos you can try this little program. It is good to create backgrounds, avatars, profile pictures, etc. For example, if you want to be a little original and looking for backgrounds for YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook profiles, etc. the best way to get awesome background / banner it is find cool picture and transform it beyond recognition. Even if you use copyrighted materials if you change it with Pixilate Editor noone will not be able to make a claim against you.

This program can apply two types of pixelation effects: pixalate using usual method with squares (effect #1) or fill the image with capsule ((effect #2). You can easy paste and copy images to clipboard, open from disk and save images as *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png. Using Bit-Depth parameter increase or decrease quantity of details on final image.

Pixelate text on images.

Alternative way of using this program it is get schemas for your fuse/perler beads ideas. Paste image copied from internet into the program, apply effect #1.

In tandem with the program Easy Pixel Editor this tool can become a powerful set for fast image processing, making backgrounds for YouTube channels, background covers for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, images for profiles in social networks, etc.

Pixelate Pokemon
Pixalated Ladybug

Download pixelate.exe

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