Japanese IQ Test with One of Solutions

Rumor has it that this game is used in Japan for testing when hiring IT department specialists. The goal of this puzzle game is to move all the people from one side of the river to the other. If you know, there is such a riddle - you need to transport a wolf, a goat and a cabbage to the other side, so this game is something similar, but with a larger number of participants. So, the task is to transport a policeman and a prisoner, mom, dad, two girls and two boys, from one riverbank to the other. But... there are several conditions:

1. The raft can only carry two people at a time.

2. Dad can't stay on the same shore with his daughters without mom, and mom can't stay with her sons without dad.

3. The prisoner must not be with any member of the family unless accompanied by a police officer.

4. And finally, only adults can operate the raft - either a policeman, or mom, or dad.

To put a man on a raft or ashore, click on him. To make the raft start moving along the river, press the red lever.

So you can try to solve Japanese IQ Test on your own - just click on blue circle button in game and start to play online! The appeal of this test is the thrill of the mental challenge. River crossing puzzles provide satisfying "Aha!" moments when the solution finally clicks. They demonstrate that with systematic thinking, even the most impossible situations can be solved step-by-step.

Attention! Please take note that one of the possible answers to this test can be found below.

Japanese IQ Test: One of Solutions

Here you will find one of many solutions to the Japanese IQ Test.
1. Policeman and criminal. The police officer comes back.
2. The policeman and one of the boys. The officer and the criminal return.
3. Father and second boy. Father returns.
4. Father and mother. Mom comes back.
5. Policeman and criminal. Father returns.
6. Father and mother again. Mother returns.
7. Mother and one of the girls. The police officer and the criminal return.
8. Policeman and the second girl. The policeman returns.
9. The last step is the policeman and the criminal.

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