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Cube Game Maker it's a free tool for Windows, Mac OS and Android where you can build your own 3D worlds with blocks/cubes like as Minecraft, embody your daring, fantastic architectural ideas or just recreate your own house, street or even small town in 3D, make simple games and share it for your friends. Your project will be available immediately on your own page which you can share and edit at any time.

Here is a short video for you to watch with a little example of game created with Cube Game Maker.

Watch how to build from ready-made modular constructions.

And finally watch how to create game, save and share game page.

Create worlds with Cube Game Maker online, play escape game example or download our game maker for Windows, Mac OS and Android.

Generate simple and complex landscapes! Create endless natural landscapes - from rolling plains with meandering rivers to rocky mountains surrounded by seas. The game allows you to change the parameters of world creation in a very wide range. By setting the number of generated objects, the size of the segment, its amplitude, the number of animals and plants, you can setup optimal 3D world for your device.

Use Project's settings to set up segments size, amplitude, frequency, objects count, etc.

Build cool! It is much easier and faster to build a city or street where you live using ready-made building blocks, trees, roads, and other materials.

Build fast! Fly mode with mirrored repetition of used blocks, gives a tangible advantage in the construction speed.

Set your own game rules! Use objects that set the rules of your game. For example, only by collecting a cherry, the player will be able to complete the level, founded key will help open the locked door, and the pickaxe can be used to craft things that necessary for passing. Use your imagination and with the help of this engine, you can create quests, parkour games, escape games, etc.

Save, edit, publish and share! Create your game world on PC, save it and later you can edit it on phone or computer. Share the link to the game page with your friends and invite them to participate in your project.

Game features:
- the ability to create endless game worlds with a variety of landscapes;
- custom game creation mode, survival mode and creativity mode;
- a large number of various objects - portals, weapons, aggressive mobs (cannon-cats, wild hippo, angry poo, crystal skeletons, etc.), sliding blocks of ice, cubes that disappearing under your feet, lava, dynamite, transparent blocks, doors and keys , objects that set the rules of the game, objects with physical properties, musical blocks to create sounds and melodies;
- fast construction in fly mode with a mirror repetition of building blocks;
- construction of large objects using ready-made blocks of buildings, trees, etc;
- 20+ ready-made templates for games and worlds;
- the ability to save the game both in local storage and on a public server;
- creating your own page with the game on the server;
- the ability to edit both your own game and published projects of other users.

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