Build with Cubes 2

New version of Build with Cubes 2 brings some new features like the change of night and day, shadows, new mechanics and blocks, improved character controller.

There is two ways to generate 3D world in Build with Cubes now. First way it is the same way as it was before - pre-maded little maps or just simple plane filled with cubes. Second way it is ability to generate a piece of 3D landscape using setting like seed, height and width of hills, adjust the number of objects, entites, trees, flowers.

Now you can use portals, portalgun and portal-able surfaces to create simple puzzles, use musical blocks to make simple melodies. Entities now will save their faces and will be unique for every block you placed them. Same with pictures - if you place picture with fox next time the fox will be on same place.

Don't be scare of night in Build with Cubes coz you got a lot of lights here like candles, lamps, fire, etc. Use entites and animals to liven up your world, furniture some of it you can even take to hands and carry wherever you want.

Experiment with physics gameobjects like balls, springy cubes and TNTs.

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